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A huge debt of gratitude

I first used Pets in Practise just over a year ago, when we needed to obtain high quality 'reward based' puppy training for the new addition to our family - Bo.   

Bo is a Northern Inuit cross, whose role in our lives was primarily as a companion to our 5 year old son, Josh.  Josh had been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome 6 months previously, and we had heard that dogs make very good companions for children on the autism spectrum.  Indeed, we discovered that Dogs for the Disabled run a course for parents of autistic children called PAWS where training is given to enable you to train your own dog to provide autism assistance to your child.  This can be anything ranging from providing road safety (dog wears a harness which child holds on to to prevent child running off) to intervention when the child is having a meltdown (dog nudges child on shoulder to break the behaviour).  The dog also provides an easy way for the child to communicate, express and understand emotion, and acts as a link to the outside world and other people.  Bo's work was therefore cut out for her!!

Given the very important task that lay ahead for Bo, it was imperative that she obtained some first class basic training.  Given Bo's size (she is very big!) and the work we neede